Your Most Trusted Mortgage Lender In Bedford, Texas


Texas is known for its many beautiful high profile cities, one of them being the city of Bedford. Currently, the 7th most populous city in Texas, Bedford is perfect for people who want to get away from the city buzz and settle in a smaller, quieter, more serene city. Being one of the outlying cities in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex, Bedford also attracts a large number of homeowners and settlers. There exist several banks and lending institutions currently operating in Bedford, in an attempt to help these potential homeowners acquire their dream homes.

However, the one lending institution that stands out from the rest of them is a firm known as Prodigy Lending. Having been in the mortgage lending business for over 17 years, they have over the years developed a clear understanding of their clients’ wants, needs, and preferences. They have also gained proper insight into the challenges faced by their clients in their journey to homeownership. Therefore, they have over the years managed to come up with innovative ways to help their clients’ home buying experience a little easier and better. They offer a wide variety of highly specialized loans to suit people with different wants and needs. They also have special loans for people who would not qualify for the normal loans e.g. their bad credit home loans. Not only do they offer an impressive combination of products but also offer them very low, and very current interest rates. Their loan products include:

Conventional Loans Prodigy Lending offers them with as high as 97% financing, which means that they only require down payments as low as 3%, reduced PMI compared to those offered by other lenders, affordable interest rates with approved scores, no extra lender fees charged and a variety of payment terms of 30, 20, 15, or 10 years.

FHA Loans – These are offered on a 3.5% down payment requirement, affordable interest rates, favorable qualification requirements and, they allow high debt-to-income ratio borrowers to qualify. They also offer home rehabilitation loans commonly known as FHA-203k loans. 

VA Home Loans – These are offered exclusively to eligible veterans only across the US. Prodigy Lending offers 100% home financing for their VA loans, i.e. no down payment, no PMI requirement, waivered mortgage closing costs, the very best mortgage rates, and very easy qualification requirements. 

USDA Home Loans Prodigy Lending offers 100% financing of the total mortgage amount, reduced interest rates and low mortgage insurance requirements. A borrower’s income and the location of their property are important factors when it comes to these loans because they are specifically meant for people who are to practice agriculture or ranching. They are therefore mostly offered to homeowners in the rural parts of Bedford where there’s plenty of land for agriculture.

Other than their irresistible products, Prodigy Lending is also known for its excellence in customer service. This is supported by the fact that they have been ranked the best workplace and best in customer service several times in a row now. Their track record speaks for itself. These are some of the reasons why Prodigy Lending is your most trusted mortgage lender in Bedford.

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