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For the last eight years and beyond, the Prodigy Lending group has been voted the top workplace in the United States. The award is an indication of our commitment to offering pure excellence in all that we do. Prodigy group has been in operation for 17 years. In those many years, we have has established ourselves as a trusted market leader in providing affordable home loan to desiring clients.

Without any doubts, we offer the most competitive interest rates in the market. Prodigy has developed a product portfolio that is second to none. By providing a mix of favorable interest rate and a wide range of loan products, Prodigy is miles ahead of its competitors. To remain a leader in the industry, we at Prodigy have committed to offering the highest level of quality service to all our customers.

Our Loans officers are very experienced. To ensure a customer gets the right loan product that suits their need, our staff engage every customer on a one on one level. Whether a client is buying their dream home, or first home, refinancing an existing loan, our officers can help them find the right product.

A few of our most popular products are as described below.



  • 3% down payment
  • Reduced PMI compared to FHA Loans
  • Flexible repayment terms – 10, 15, 20 or 30-year mortgages
  • Low-Interest Rates with favorable credit ratings
  • No Lender Fees!!!



  • 3.5% Down Payment
  • Easy qualifications
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • rehab loans available
  • Accepts customers with Higher Debt to Income ration



  • 100% Financing
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • Low-cost loan
  • Easy to apply and qualify
  • Best suited for A Government Loan



  • 100% Financing!!!
  • NO Down payment!
  • Lowest Interest Rates For 100% Loan
  • Very Low Mortgage Insurance Cost
  • Qualification for Income and Home Location a must

Note: The interest rates, as indicated above, are subject to change in line with prevailing market conditions. A quote of the applicable rate at a particular moment is available upon filling a short form. No financial commitment is involved.

At Prodigy, our strategy is to create long term business relations with our customers. The relationships will help us offer every customer the best of our services. We have a mission to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the product we are offering, thus the need for longtime engagement.

We have kept our communication channels open for all in America. Clients come to us inquiring on how to qualify for a home loan in Carrollton, and others talk to us about their experiences with bad credit home loan in Carrollton. Should anyone want to buy a new home, or refinance a mortgage, they should feel free to call us or engage us via our interactive web sites.


To get the most competitive interest rate on your home loan, come to the Prodigy. It is only at Prodigy that we guarantee that the product we offer will satisfy your specific need as an individual. We are a top-rated home lending institution in the United States, and we intend to remain that way by offering top class service to all our clients. 

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