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The Prodigy Lending team is a renown mortgage company in the United States. Particularly, it’s known as a team consisting of highly trained professionals who understand the needs of the people. We deal with a variety of home loans and provide you advice on the best one that suits you without corrupting your mind. Our experience has the most valuable skills to serve your needs for a home. We understand the visions of our people here in Haslet and that’s why we are here timely as the best mortgage lenders in the area. Just gaze at the examples of the loans we provide and notice one that suits your desire;

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) home loans

  • Pocket-friendly down payment of 3.5% down
  • Soft qualifications needed
  • Admirable interest rates
  • Rehab loans readily available
  • You can qualify even if you have a higher debt to income

Conventional Home loans

  • Low down payment of 3% down 
  • More friendly PMI compared to FHA loans
  • Low-interest rates with validated scores
  • Free from lender fees.

VA home loans

  • Free from mortgage insurance for Veterans
  • Closing costs cheaper
  • 100% financing for Veterans
  • Low rates that you can find no other for a government loan
  • Very easy to qualify

USDA home loan

  • 100% financing for Rurales
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Cheap mortgage insurance cost
  • One has to qualify for income and home location


Unique services to customers

We do value our relationship with our customers more than just providing loans and that’s why we aim to provide a lasting relationship with you residing or longing to reside in Haslet. We are singled out by the custom of upholding your information with utmost secrecy and just use it to serve you and nothing else.

Just to aver that we are the best in the United States and so, the best mortgage lenders in Haslet, we have been providing award-winning services for more than 17 years now!!

Imagine if any other mortgage company that can achieve that!! 

Just do your research and you will always find us at the top, precisely unique in providing the best services. It is our duty to serve you and us are even motivated to do it better when our services are appraised all over. That explains why we are the best ahead of the rest. 

Just at your request, our service to you is assured. Longing to purchase a dream home, planning to refinance an existing one or even consolidating debt, our team will beyond doubt address your need. The best mortgage lenders serve you as per your request and even beyond just to ensure you will be contented with our services.

Remember we do provide you with the best mortgage rates as per the condition of the market. Market conditions do change with time.

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