Conventional Loans Offered by Prodigy Lending In Joshua, Texas


The Prodigy Lending group is made up of mortgage professionals all over America. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best customer experience to clients with mortgage needs. Our markets rates are the lowest in the industry. Clients get to choose from a wide range of loan programs available in their local areas. Even those who ask whether they can get a home loan in Joshua, the Prodigy has a solution for them.

Prodigy has been in the market for 17 years now. Our staff has acquired the necessary experience to ensure each, and every client gets exceptional service. We strive to offer a tailor-made solution, be it for first-time home-owners, loan refinancing, or your dreams home mortgage or debt consolidation. Prodigy ensures you get the right loan product at the best rates by engaging you on a one to one basis. 

 At Prodigy, our products are customized to fit all possible scenarios. Our mission is to create a long term relationship with every one of our clients. Our goal is to offer exceptional service now and in the future. We have branded ourselves as a trusted home lending institution within the United States. Security measures that guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your transactions with us are in place. Contact us anytime for professional advice on mortgages. We are available on call or through our interactive websites.

  1. Convectional Home loans

Key Features: 

  •  Low interests rates
  •  No lender fees
  •  Flexible repayments plan from 10 up to 30 years
  •  Low down payments …only at 3% of the loan amount
  •  Reduced PMI compared to FHA Loans
  1. FHA Home Loans

Key features

  • Competitive interests rates
  • Down payment at 3.5% of the loan amount
  • Easy application process
  • Refinancing loans available
  • Available to customers with a higher debt to income ratio
  1. VA Home Loans

Key features

  • 100% Financing 
  • No Mortgage Insurance cover required
  • Simple to qualify
  • Offer best rates for a Government loan
  • The cheapest facility in the markets
  • Easy to be eligible for a VA Loan
  1. USDA Home Loan

Key features

  • 100% Financing!!!
  • No Down payment required
  • Lowest interest rates for 100% financed loan
  • Low Mortgage Insurance Cost
  • Must qualify for income and home location

The mortgage rates, as indicated, are based on today’s prevailing market conditions. Markets are dynamic, and changes frequently occur during the day. To obtain the rates applicable at a particular time, you need a short form with no financial obligation.  

The United States home lending industry recognizes Prodigy as the leading private mortgage lender. We offer the lowest and most current mortgage rates in the market. Our pride is in the ability to provide a variety of affordable loan products to all our customers, even Joshua home loans customers. Should you desire to buy a home, mortgage refinancing, the Prodigy has the best deals for you. 

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