Qualifications For a Home Loan In Midlothian, Texas


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Prodigy Lending is rated the best private lender in the United States mortgage lending community. We not only have top tier home loan experts with long experience handling mortgages but also offer a wide variety of Midlothian home loans to residents of Midlothian, TX. In Midlothian, we offer top quality personalized professional service and home loan products to our clients with the best rates and terms in the market. Our experienced home loan experts will help you meet the requirements for home loan in Midlothian if you are a first time homebuyer and this is your first attempt.

What Midlothian Home Loan is Good for You?

Regular Mortgage Loan

  • Floor level 3.0% Down Payment and better PMI than FHA Loans
  • Multiple term options – 10, 15, 20 and 30-year plans
  • Better Interest Rates on approved scores and Lenders may waive their Fees!

FHA Loans

  • Affordable 3.5% Down Payment  with less stringent qualification rules
  • Low-Interest Rates though one must meet Debt-to-Income ratio for eligibility
  • Subsidiary loans available for home improvements

VA Mortgage Loan Program

  • Best Government loan with 100% Financing 
  • Mortgage Insurance zero-rated and Closing fees much lower
  • Preferential qualification for military staff only

USDA Rural and Suburban Home loans

  • Full financing with no Down payment  and very attractive low-Interest rates
  • Very low Insurance cost 
  • Strict Income limits and approved Home location 

Prodigy Lending prides in the excellent relationship we have forged with our clients over the years. It has earned us the trust and raised our credibility within the mortgage lending community. We have earned this trust from our clients by jealously guarding their privacy and sanctity of their records in our possession.

If you are looking for your first home loan and want to know the requirements for a home loan in Pump are, give us a call or visit our offices and our loan experts will gladly help you. You can also interact with us from the comfort of your home or office through our website. Welcome!

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Provision of excellent working environment has benefits for both staff and clients and can earn you a coveted prize among peers. For the last eight years, Prodigy Lending has been a winner of the Top Work Place USA.

Home Loans for All Categories of Applicants

In all our offices at Prodigy Lending, we listen to our clients well before offering suggestions on the best Pump home loan package for them. We have a variety of loan products including the government-sponsored ones to suit all categories of home buyers. We offer loans for first time home purchase, refinancing, and specialized government loans like the FHA, VA, and USDA for qualified applicants. We have the lowest interest rates in the market based on daily market performance.

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